How to Cook Beef

Beef is a very popular food in most of the world. Not only is it very tasty but it is also an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients for the body.

Beef is very versatile, as it can be prepared in many ways and is the base ingredient in many dishes. That is why here we tell you how to cook beef correctly.

Cook Time of Beef

The cooking time for beef depends mainly on two factors: the cut of the meat , meaning what part of the cow it comes from, and the cooking method used.

Depending on which part of the animal's body the meat comes from, it will be harder or softer, so some cuts require longer cooking time than others.

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Another important point that will affect the time to cook the beef is the utensil used to cook, either a normal pot or a pressure cooker.

How to cook beef in a pressure cooker

Thanks to the fact that food is cooked in the pressure cooker at a higher temperature than in a conventional pot, the cooking time is considerably reduced.

This is very convenient for cooking beef, as some cuts can be considerably tough and would take considerable time to prepare in a conventional pot.

Optionally, giving the meat a few strokes before cooking can help it tenderize faster and have a much softer texture.

In any case, to cook beef in a pressure cooker, you only have to introduce the meat and the necessary water to cover it completely. Then add salt and the dressings that you like the most.

Then put the lid on and bring to the fire. When the valve begins to beep, it begins counting the recommended cook time.

Cooking time of beef in express pot

The cooking time of beef in a pressure cooker or pressure cooker is 20 to 25 minutes . Although it will also depend on the size of the pieces and the type of cut.

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If the meat is cooked in a single piece, the cooking time will be longer than if the meat was previously cut into smaller pieces.

Cook Beef in Normal Pot

Cooking Beef in a normal pot is really very simple. Simply put the meat in a pot with enough water, salt and some seasoning or spices, such as garlic, oregano, onion or bay leaf.

Bring to high heat and from the moment the water begins to boil, lower to medium heat and cook for the recommended time or until the desired texture is obtained.

cook beef in normal pot

Cook time of beef in normal pot

The cooking time for beef in a regular pot is approximately 50-60 minutes .

For greater security we can prick the meat with a fork or knife. If you notice that it is not tender enough, you can cook it for a longer time or until it softens.

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